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Event schedule for February!

February Event information at WAKUWAKU Eatery😁

📽Ghibli movie month is started at Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co.

Have you watched?
Are you planning to watch?
Which movie do you like?

In conjunction with this Ghibli movie month, we will provide meals related to each movie.😋

In Japanese, it is called “Ghibli-Meshi (meal)”.😁

January 31st (Fri) and February 1st (Sat) are “Satsuki’s lunch box” from “My Neighbor Totoro”.

It will be limited to 10 meals a day.
If there are many requests from everyone, we may prepare more.😉

There are Umeboshi (pickled plum), sardines, green peas, and Sakura-Denbu (cod) on the rice.

Please see the calendar for the other meal plan.

Today, open at noon to 5pm for lunch buffet.😋
See you later.