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For our customers!

Due to recent concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like our customers to know how we here at WAKUWAKU Eatery are taking preventative steps to minimize any risks to public health.

As a restaurant, we always make cleanliness top priolity because we believe it is very important for everyone’s health and safety to provide a pristine diningenvironment.

Considering, recent events, we have implemented even more stringent and frequent hygiene practices.
We use a sanitizing solution throughout each day to clean both the front dining area as well as all kitchen areas.

The front includes the register, iPad, picture menus, sauce and drink area, tables, chairs, bussing station, counters, entries / exits, and more.

Let’s all do our best to stay healthy by washing our hands thoroughly and offten, and using the hand sanitizer that we provide.

We are working hard in every way we can to keep everyone healthy with our nutritious food and impeccable hygiene.

Thank you for your continued patronage,