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( Japanese Healthy Combination )

“Obanzai-Teishoku” Set Price R(choice3) $10.00 L(5) $14.00
Obanzai are simply prepared vegetable dishes. This term comes from Kyoto.The meaning is to provide delicious and healthy foods with simplicity, value, and minimal waste. >> The wisdom of “WASHOKU”.

Hibachi “UNAGI(Eel)-Teishoku” Set Price $25.00
Grilled eel with sweet soy sauce with Japanese pepper (Sansyou). Eel is said to be a stamina-giving food.

A la cart : Rice Bowl

“TAMAGO-Don” R $5.00, L $8.00
Simmered onion, ginger and egg. Enjoy Topping!!

“Chicken-Katsu-Don” R $7.00, L $12.00
Simmered onion, ginger and egg + Deep fried fresh panko breaded chicken

“Ton-Katsu-Don” R $7.00, L $12.00
Simmered onion, ginger and egg + Deep fried fresh panko breaded pork

“OYAKO-Don” R $6.00, L $9.00
Chicken, ginger, Simmered onion and egg with sweet soy sauce

“STAMINA-Don” R $6.00, L $9.00
Ground beef, ginger, onion and eggplant with chili pepper and sweet soy sauce

“Hibachi-Don” R $8.00, L $10.00
Rice plate of hibachi chicken breast meat, Simmered onion, green onion with teriyaki sauce.

A la cart : Noodle Bowl

”KITSUNE-Udon” $6.00
Udon noodle with deep-fried tofu, green onion.

”Curry-Udon” $9.00
Japanese style mildly spiced curry and Udon noodle.

“ODEN-Udon” $12.00
Assort of surimi seafood with Udon noodle. Topped with green onion.

Japanese Oiled Ramen Noodles “Abura-Soba” $12.00
Ramen noodle with sauce not with soup, steamed chicken, boiled egg, seaweed, spinach, sesame seeds and green onion. It is a new ramen-style which is now featuring in Japan.

Karaage Ramen $12.00
Soy sauce based soup with 3 pcs karaag, boiled egg, spinach, Nori seaweed, green onion