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– Noodles & Rice Bowl –

Noodles ( Udon, Soba, Ramen )

”KITSUNE-Udon or Soba” $6.00
Noodle with deep-fried tofu, green onion.

”Omisoshiru-Udon or Soba” $8.00
Noodle with Miao Soup (Tofu, Seaweed, Vegetables) Topped with green onion.

”Curry-Udon, Soba or Ramen ” $9.00
Japanese style mildly spiced curry with noodle. Topped with green onion..

“ODEN-Udon or Soba” $12.00
Assort of surimi seafood with noodle. Topped with green onion.

** (Soba=Buckwheat eat-in onlu) **

Udon, Soba

Shrimp🍤 “Tempura-Udon” or Soba $9.00

Beef🐮Niku-Udon” or Soba $9.00

Wikipedia : “Udon”, “Soba“, “Ramen

Rice Bowl & Plate

Japanese “Curry Rice” Plate R $7.00, L $10.00
Japanese style mildly spiced curry.

++ Choice of Topping – (Pricing varies) Steamed Veggie +$2.50(1cup),
Chicken Karaage +$1.00(1pcs), Chicken Katsu +$1.00(1pcs),
Ton-katsu +$1.00(1pcs), Cheddar Cheese +$1.50(3scoops) ++

“Sauce Katsu-Don” R $8.00
Deep fried fresh panko breaded Chicken or Pork.
Served with shredded cabbage, red ginger and black pepper flavored WAKUWAKU Sauce.

“Katsu-Don” R $7.00, L $12.00
Deep fried fresh panko breaded Chicken or Pork with simmered onion, ginger and ….

“TAMAGO-Don” R $5.00
Simmered onion, ginger and egg.

Gyu-Don” Beef🐮
Plate R $9.00 L $13.00, Set Miso Soup R $12.00 L $16.00
+Poached egg +$1.00

WakuWaku Special, Lunch & Seasonal Special, Japanese Classics,
Noodles & Rice Bowl, Beverage, Dessert, Kyoto Style Foods “Obabza”