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Sunday Buffet

Sunday Buffet $11.50
( 4 to 12 years old $5.00, Under 4 years old $0.00 )

– Appetizer –
Kyoto Style Foods “Obanzai”
Obanzai are simply prepared vegetable dishes. This term comes from Kyoto.
The meaning is to provide delicious and healthy foods with simplicity, value,
and minimal waste. >> The wisdom of “WASHOKU”.

eg) Sunomono, Goma-Ae, Potato Salad, Kinpirr, Nimono, Ohitashi, Shira-Ae etc…
** Depending on the day. 

– Entrees –
“Karaage” : Deep fried Chicken thigh
“Chicken-Katsu” : Deep fried fresh panko breaded Chicken thigh
“Tonkatsu” Fried Pork : Deep fried fresh panko breaded Pork Chops
“Curry Rice” : Japanese style mildly spiced curry. Free Topping!!
“TAMAGO-Don” : Simmered onion, ginger and egg. Free Topping!!
“Yakisoba” : Japanese Fried Noodles, Stir fried noodles with Beacon, vegetables, and a sweet and salty sauce.
“Potato Fry” : French fry (Enjoy to eat with Japanese style sauce)

– Side –
Gohan (White Rice) : Premium short grain rice also known as “Tamanishiki” ⽟錦
Omiso Shiru (Miso Soup) : Kombu and dried Shiitake mushroom broth with tofu, wakame, shiitake and vegetables

*** Noodles can be ordered separately. ***