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– WakuWaku Special –

Kyoto Style Foods “Obanzai” Cup $2.50, Bowl $4.00
Obanzai are simply prepared vegetable dishes. This term comes from Kyoto. The meaning is to provide delicious and healthy foods with simplicity, value, and minimal waste. >> The wisdom of “WASHOKU”. eg) Sunomono, Goma-Ae, Potato Salad, Kimchi, Kinpira, Nimono, Ohitashi, Shira-Ae etc… 

Wikipedia : “Obanzai

“Obanzai-Teishoku” Set Price $10.00
Teishoku = Combination of Rice, Miso Soup and 3 cup Obanzai.

Hibachi “UNAGI(Eel)-Teishoku” Set Price $25.00
Grilled eel with sweet soy sauce. Eel is said to be a stamina-giving food. 

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